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What is Rental Insurance?

Not ready to make the big jump on buying a house? We get it, in the meantime you may choose to rent while searching for the right place to settle. While you are renting though, you may want to consider the proper coverage on all your possessions.

Rental insurance is required by law, but your landlord or property management company could require you to carry a certain amount of coverage. This coverage protects both you and the landlord in the event a liability claim is filed from an injury occurring on the property. Liability isn’t the only thing rental insurance covers.

Worse case scenario, a fire breaks out in the kitchen and damages the house. The landlord’s insurance only covers the structure, not your contents. Your rental insurance covers contents owned by you on the property.

What happens if damage occurs and you can’t stay at the dwelling? Your landlord may not pay for temporary living arrangements. We understand this could result in a stressful situation. Simply contact customer service to discuss temporary assistance through your policy.

Weather can get bad! Is it covered? Renters insurance provides coverage against losses from fires, theft, wind storms and some forms of water damage. Typically, they won’t cover damages caused by floods or earthquakes.

Are Dogs covered? You can elect to have dog liability coverage, but you should note that some breeds aren’t covered under your policy at all.

Is it worth having rental insurance? Yes. Even though your landlord has insurance on the structure, it doesn’t mean it will cover you or your possessions. The landlord may not even require you to have renters insurance, but should something happen, investing in a good renters policy will help shoulder the potential high cost of replacing lost items.

So this isn’t just coverage, it’s peace of mind knowing that you are prepared should the situation arise.

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