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Family Liability Protection –
Homeowner Insurance Coverage and Benefits

Family liability protection is a standard provision in homeowner insurance policies. Family liability protection will afford an all important safety net in the event of an accident in the home, an accident that specifically happens to a visitor.

A homeowner may well be held liable for injury caused to any person whilst that person is within their household. Despite best efforts to safeguard against an accident in the home the homeowner may, nevertheless, still be deemed as negligent and therefore liable.

The homeowner is liable for keeping the home safe. Without liability coverage there is a risk of being sued for the cost of medical and legal bills.

Family liability protection will protect against the unforeseen home accident involving a visitor within the insured property.

What coverage can you expect?

1. Medical bills — Physical injury to someone is probably the most likely cause for a claim against liability insurance. The coverage will extend to all the claimants’ medical expenses, or a specified part thereof. Payout limits may be imposed.

2. Pain and suffering — This provision takes account of, not just physical injury, but also mental trauma or anxiety caused as a result of an accident to a visitor.

3. Wages — An injured party may suffer loss of wages by having, for example, to take time off work. Liability protection, assuming the homeowner is deemed liable for the accident, will cover any claim for wages lost.

4. Death benefits — This, of course, is an extremely rare cause for claim. In such event, liability protection will cover all legal and other resulting costs.

5. Legal costs — Your homeowner’s section for personal liability will cover the issue of legal fees. Family liability insurance will cover the homeowner and other resident family members. Negligence on the homeowner’s part must be proven for a claim to succeed.

Coverage away from home

Accidental damage or injury, caused by the policy holder, or the policy holder’s family, while away from the home, will be covered in the event of any subsequent liability claim.

Not covered

• Family liability insurance will not cover for actions leading to injury or damage to another that were reckless or deliberate.

• A visitor injured, while in the insured home, cannot successfully make a claim if their actions are shown to be deliberate or reckless.


Insurance risks are assessed based upon probability and assumption. The premiums are set according to the perceived risks. The lower the risk, the lower the premium and vice versa.

It is possible to under-insure; to underestimate the risks and likely financial liability. In such circumstances, the insured risks having their insurance policy voided or subject to payout penalties.

Insurance companies will advise the insurer as to possible pitfalls and recommend the most appropriate coverage for the insured’s requirements.

Family liability protection, as part of a homeowner insurance policy, protects the homeowner against possible financial loss in the event of an accident or damage caused to a third party either in or away from the home.