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Flood/Hurricane Protection –
Homeowner Insurance Coverage and Benefits

The benefit of having homeowner insurance is quite simply ‘peace of mind.’ It’s a comfort knowing that, whatever disaster should strike your home and family, remuneration will be available to rebuild and start afresh.

Specific insurance coverage for flood and hurricane protection is available and desirable for those living in an area of the country where these disastrous phenomena are likely to occur.

Living in a risk region

Certain areas of the country are at greater risk than others in respect of severe weather conditions. Flood and hurricane insurance protection is available to guard against potential personal harm or property damage.

It is advised that your take out insurance protection as soon as taking residence in a high risk area. Insurance will be difficult to obtain after a hurricane, or torrential rain, has been forecast.

What coverage is available?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The weather comes at us in many forms; strong winds, snow, hail, torrential rain and blazing sun. Any of these weather extremes could cause damage to property. And, a hurricane, particularly, can be accompanied by, or preceded by, other extreme conditions such has hail storms.

A basic flood and hurricane policy can include caveats to cater for other associated weather events. The risks can be gauged from previous disastrous events in the region.

Your insurance provider should advise as to likely risks, premium charges and valuations. Insurance policies are quite specific. A hurricane causes a river to rise and subsequently floods the insured’s house. This will not be covered under a hurricane clause in the policy. This is a flood issue, and as such, separate flood protection will be required.

Hurricane, or high wind damage, may not provide coverage for subsequent water or flood damage. Your insurance provider should offer sound advice clarifying the extent of coverage and may suggest possible alternative coverage options.

The likelihood of catastrophes, and value of the dwelling, will determine the premium charged.

What about your car and other belongings?

A flood/hurricane policy will not cover all property. For example, if your windshield on your car gets shattered by flying storm debris, this will not be an event covered by a hurricane policy. In this instance, car insurance will provide the necessary protection.

Other free standing structures or buildings not attached to the insured property, like a garage or a shed, will not be covered in the basic policy. A caveat can be added to the policy or a new policy issued applying specifically to the structures in question.

The same applies to damage caused by storm or flood to personal property, such as furniture, carpets, house-hold appliances, etc. Protection for personal property will be clearly laid out in the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Homeowner’s insurance will cover the insured for repairs or replacement of personal property damaged by winds or flood. Personal expenses incurred for renting temporary accommodations, while a property is repaired, will also be covered.

Homeowner’s insurance with flood and hurricane protection offers complete protection against financial loss in the event of a flood or hurricane disaster. Insurance policies can be tailored to take into account personal circumstances and requirements.