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Guest Medical Protection –
Homeowner Insurance Coverage & Benefits

Your homeowner’s insurance covers you and your property in ways that you might not expect. For example, when a guest in your home or your property gets injured, your homeowner’s insurance provides medical coverage to pay for their expenses. Accidents happen regardless of the preparations you make to ensure that your home is safe. However, too many homeowners may not be aware that their insurance policy covers this type of accident and wind up paying out-of-pocket for the medical expenses.

Who is Covered?

Guest medical insurance is designed to cover temporary guests, such as friends or family members, who suffer an accident at your home. There are many types of accidents, but the primary coverage is for accidents that could not be generally foreseen or prevented such as running into something, tripping or slipping down the steps and so forth.

The coverage may not apply to any deliberate or intentional injury of the person. Plus, it may not apply to an easily preventable or foreseeable accident. For example, if you mop the kitchen floor and provide no warning, the insurance company may deem that you have created a dangerous situation in the home where an accident was bound to occur.

However, if you are found legally responsible for causing injury to a guest, this is where family liability protection kicks in. In addition the injury, pain and suffering is typically not covered by guest medical protection, but may fall under family liability.

What does Guest Medical Protection Cover?

Although each policy is unique to the insurance company where it was issued, there are many commonalities between homeowner’s policies that are covered when a guest is the victim of an accident in your home.

  • Hospital Stay
  • Surgery
  • X-rays
  • Dental Work
  • Ambulance Service and more

You will want to check your homeowner’s policy and talk to your insurance company to see what is covered. You may find that it offers quite a bit of coverage for someone who has been injured in your home due to an accident.

How It Works

You can think of guest medical protection as the no-fault insurance that covers a guest who needs medical attention from an accident in your home. It provides the basic medical expenses that includes an ambulance ride, treatment, and hospital stay. The insurance will pay up to the limit stated in the policy which means that for serious accidents the coverage may not be enough. You will want to review your policy and see if raising the level of coverage works best for you.

Guest medical protection is a simple, straightforward way of covering the medical expenses of a guest injured through no fault of your own in the home or on the property. You will need to file immediately because it may prevent being sued by the guest if you fail to provide the coverage when it is warranted.