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How Homeowner’s Insurance Covers Severe Wind Damage

Severe wind damage is not limited to tornadoes. It may also apply to strong, gusty winds generated by hurricanes, strong ocean storms, or by a unique weather phenomenon such as downdrafts during thunderstorms or derecho, which is a wave of strong winds that may reach speeds of 80 mph or greater. Severe winds represent some of the most common types of damage that occurs to a home. In many cases, the damage may be relatively minor, but it will need to be checked out to ensure that it does not lead to future damage to your home.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Severe Wind Damage?

The answer is yes. Homeowners insurance is primarily designed to cover most forms of damage that are caused by weather conditions such as gale force winds that rip up shingles, tear away siding, and cause other types of damage to your home.

Keep in mind that most policies not only cover the home itself, but detached structures on your property such as sheds, storage areas, and barns along with any personal property that might be damaged by the strong winds.

How the Coverage Works

There are a few steps that need to be followed for you to file a claim in recuperating the losses to your home caused by severe wind damage. The first step should be to call your insurance company who can help guide you through the specific requirements needed to successfully file a claim.

Document: You’ll need to take photographs of the damage that was caused by the wind storm. This should include the roof, siding, and any other locations on the house that were damaged. Any detached structures, such as a shed, may also be covered under your policy so be sure to take photos of any damage to detached structures as well.

Also, personal property may be covered if it was damaged due to severe winds during the storm. This may include property that was in detached buildings or perhaps in the attic that became exposed and damaged.

Verified: To ensure that the damage is associated with a severe wind storm, you will need to call your insurance company as soon as possible to help verify the damage. Since it is possible that some homes are more vulnerable to wind damage than others, it helps to have the damage verified by your insurance agent or approved entity that will ensure your claims fit the homeowner’s policy.

Get Estimates: You will need to get estimates from at least three companies that repair damage of this nature. Your insurance company will then look them over to help estimate how much you will need to repair the damage that was caused by the wind.

Once you have everything in place, you can call the claims department of the insurance company and submit the necessary information. In most cases, the claims will be processed quickly so you can get the damage repaired to your home. In some cases, you may find that the insurance company needs more information or clarification on the damage itself.