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It’s your career,

So why partner with Orion180?

 Orion180 is here to offer a much simpler and easier way to client on boarding,

including, easier claim service with faster payment.



Be the first Agent Partners to provide comprehensive coverage in the Home Owners Industry, offering real time insurance policies, not just quotes. A broad range of products to build your business.

Orion 180 offers support in networks and Agent consulting through a highly qualified team that is constantly updated on the latest advances in insurance technology and laws. Our commitment characterizes us to offer our agents efficiency, speed and innovation, to maintain success in this changing consumer environment.

We are also proud to offer A- Rating protection coverage form our insurance partners. A.M. Best takes an unbiased approach in attesting to our financial security and ability to deliver on promises purchased with every policy.

A.M. Best Rated

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Not only do we provide the absolute best in customer service, our claims processes and underwriting turnaround times are second-to-none. As a result, your policyholders will continue to be taken care of,

even when parts of the process are out of your hands. We have a trusted reputation that continues to outperform the competition and impress customers with smooth and efficient transactions.





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