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Can Renters Insurance Help Me If My Dog Bites Someone?

No pet owner wants to believe that the family dog might hurt a visitor, but the truth is dog bites can and do happen in average homes around the nation.Dog bites can happen at any time. Even if your dog isn’t an aggressive breed, there are times that the most docile pets can feel threatened or cornered by new people in their space. Almost any dog can bite a visitor if provoked, even if they don’t have a history of biting. In the aftermath of a dog bite, you might be surprised to find yourself responsible for a hefty medical… Read More

Common Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies

When you start shopping for homeowners insurance, the different types of coverage available might seem a little confusing.If you’re thinking all kinds of homeowners insurance are the same, think again. As you continue the process of looking for a policy, here are some of the most popular terms you’ll be hearing, and exactly what they mean in terms of coverage. Basic Homeowners Insurance Coverage This type of coverage is the most general type, designed for homeowners who want to protect themselves against the most common types of damage that may occur. Under the terms of a basic policy, the home… Read More

How Does Renters Insurance Work When You Have a Roommate

If you live with a roommate, getting renters insurance can be more crucial than if you live alone. Getting insurance with a roommate? Here’s what you should know. Even if you know your roommate well, living together can put you in uncomfortable situations, particularly if the damage is done to your belongings. If the person you live with causes damage to something of yours but does not have the funds to replace it, things can become tense. Having insurance can offer an easy solution to these situations, and protect all parties from other types of disasters, such as flooding, fire… Read More

The Best Ways to Compare Homeowners Insurance Companies

If you’re shopping for, you may find yourself confused by the amount of insurers out there competing for your business and offering different policies at varying price pointsComparing insurance policies doesn’t have to be hard.Before you make a final decision, take the time to do your homework and run a true comparison of the homeowners insurance companies you may end up choosing. Here are some of the best ways to compare insurance companies. Get Enough Data to Do a Comparison To make sure you get a clear picture of the options available to you, get a variety of prices from… Read More

Best Tools for Cataloging Your Belongings Online

Creating a catalog of your belongings might seem time consuming, but taking some time to complete this now will These tools can help you create an online inventory of belongings. benefit you in many ways down the line if you find yourself having to make an insurance claim. After a disaster strikes and your life has been upended, it can be hard to remember everything you had in your condo or apartment as you fill out claim paperwork. Having proof of the contents of your home also helps your claim get approved, as you can prove when you purchased the… Read More

Top Five Things You May Not Know Renters Insurance Covers

Many policyholders think renters insurance is only there to protect them in the worst cases, when a catastrophe has happened and all is lost. Are you aware of all that your insurance covers? While it’s true that a renters insurance policy will help in case of emergency, a typical policy also provides help for situations that may not be total losses but still cause you a great deal of expense and trouble. Here are five areas where renters insurance can kick in to help you cover a loss. 1. Living Expenses Under certain circumstances, your insurance company may have to… Read More

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Vacation Rentals?

Listing your home on Air bnb or another popular vacation rental site might seem like a great way to make extra money, but you don’t want to open yourself up to extra liability along the way, and end up losing more than you earn. Before you list your property for travelers to set up camp in, make sure that you understand how the process works and what you are legally responsible for when people stay in your home or second property. Here are the things you need to know before you start posting a listing for rental. How Does Listing… Read More

Five Things You Should Immediately Report To Your Homeowners Insurance Company

While most homeowners have minimal contact with their homeowner’s insurance companies, this isn’t always the smartest approach to take. Keeping your insurer informed about the latest changes you’ve made to your home and property is a good way to ensure any future damages are covered. Here are just a few things you should report to your insurer. Renovations Doing work that adds to the value of your home also adds to the amount the insurance company has to reimburse you should some type of damage occur within your home. The insurance company may send an appraiser to look at the… Read More

How Often Should You Update Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

is often treated as a one-time purchase. Many people select a policy, purchase it and never think about the actual coverage again, aside from paying the monthly premiums and filing a claim if damage occurs. But just like any other long term purchase, insurance should be re-evaluated at certain points in time to make sure your policy is still providing the right level of coverage for you. As your life changes, your insurance needs may also change. Here is a look at some of the life events that should prompt you to revisit and update your homeowners insurance policy. When… Read More

Ten Ways to Prevent Common Home Damages Before They Occur

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Many of the most expensive damages that occur within a home are preventable, if you know what signs to look for and what steps to take when you see them. Here are ten easy ways you can prevent common damages within your home.Monitor Your Plumbing For Possible LeaksHousehold plumbing failure can lead to extensive damages within your home very quickly. Check your plumbing regularly for signs of a slow leak or another issue. Dripping water, sweating pipes and leaky faucets can all be early signs… Read More