Collectibles Insurance Underwriting

Captivate Collectors with Orion180: A Goldmine for Your Agency

Imagine a policy so collector-friendly, it practically sells itself. Introducing Orion180 Collectibles Insurance – comprehensive coverage, zero serial numbers for most items, and competitive rates that will earn praise from your clients, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of your commission checks.

Why ORION180?

Here are three key reasons highlighting how we've streamlined the quoting process for both you and your clients:

Effortless Selling
No tedious paperwork, just satisfied collectors raving about hassle-free coverage. Say goodbye to red tape, hello to happy customers.​
Broad Appeal
From vintage Barbies to first-edition Tolkien, we cover a wider range of collectibles than your average insurer. More clients, more wins.
Superior Expertise
Our innovative technology will guide your clients through every step, making you look like the insurance hero they always needed.

Quoting Made Easy

We’ve made the quoting process seamless and easy for both you and your client to determine the value of your client’s collections and the right coverage through the Orion180 MY180 portal. Chat with an Orion180 Territory Manager today for more information.

Underwriting Guidelines

Who We Insure

Coverage and Deductible Options

Unscheduled Item(s)

$5,000 - $24,999

Scheduled Item(s)

$25,000 - $50,000


$50 - $20,000


The types of safeguards:

Contact an Orion180 Territory Manager for more information

New Agents
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If you are ready to Do More, Give More and Be More to your insureds, we invite you to partner with Orion180 and
Expect More of your relationship with us. If you are already a trusted partner, we invite you to contact us for additional training on our products and technology; we are ready to Be More for you!

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