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Why Orion180?

We take pride in providing you the best insurance services and products.
Below you will find a little more information about Orion180 and how we work.

Our Advantages

Real Data

No more guessing.
Get a real time accurate price with each quote.

Binding Speed

Built on a platform to offer instant binding
coverage from anywhere.


Custom built tools just for agents and customers to offer superior policy management.


We pride ourselves at being upfront and honest about all our company to agents and insureds.

Smarter Insurance

Technology has opened the gateway for insurance companies to simplify the quoting, issuing and binding of insurance coverage. We use a proprietary software platform to calculate quotes for each policyholder, based on several underwriting factors, such as property age, size, construction and claims history. We also consider the property’s resistance to windstorms, severe weather damage, and fires.

Why Buy Orion180?

Orion180 has truly brought freedom back to policy management for insureds and agents. When we created our custom platform we had one goal, make our system the easiest to use and understand. Agents who carry our insurance in their agencies loved our system so much that they became our insureds. By pulling larger accurate data and our invisible underwriting through the quote process allows us to give you the best final rate. Once an insured, your policy is at your fingertips from anywhere. Our custom platform permits the upload or download of documents as needed, online payment, and agent management on the go.

Why put all this trust in Orion180? In order to offer the best coverage for our insureds, we partnered with the best A.M. Best A- Rated reinsurance companies in the insurance industry. As a result, our policyholders will be taken care of during their hardest times quickly and efficiently.

We make it easy to manage a policy and we give you the financial security to never worry, but we also give back to you. Orion180 offers the best discounts in the insurance industry, such as our military discount (current/former), first responder discount, and increasing loyalty discount. One of our best discounts not common in the industry is $0 AOP deductible on any policy that remains claims-free for 5 years. We make sure our insureds know that we appreciate the ability to provide coverage for what means the most to you.

Need help? Questions?

Would you like to speak to one of our Account Executive over the phone? Just submit your details in email and we'll get back to you.

Futuristic Growth

What does the future hold for Orion180? A plethora of new products! The insurance industry will see the biggest disruption in the insurance sector and we look forward to making advances through technology to speed up agent services, easier claims/payments process, and continue to offer a secure customer experience.

We will be rolling out new products such as renters, condo and landlord in the future. They all won't roll out at once, but will be released very soon for you to offer to existing clients or potential new clients. To find out more, you can talk with one of our team members.

About Orion180

Creating the ultimate insurance experience.

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