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Insured FAQs

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance protects some of your life’s most valuable assets. When properly covered, your insurance policy is designed to repair, replace or recover the value of what you currently own if life happens.

Property Damage: Damage done to your house or any structure on your property due to the natural elements makes this by far the biggest claim maker and thorn in the side of homeowners.

Natural Disasters: Assuming your homeowner policy covers the damage done by Mother Nature herself is a myth. Seek out speciality coverage for flood and earthquakes to ensure your home is covered.

Standard Liability: This isn’t just for business owners. This coverage is your peace of mind in the event that someone injures themselves or damages their personal property while on your premises.

Extra Living Coverage: Having the proper coverage for your home in an unfortunate situation such as your home being damaged, in need of repairs, or even rebuilt, this makes sure you have all of your basic necessities, such as food and shelter, covered.

How Much Insurance Do I Need?

That’s a pretty good question. Many homeowners think they are fully covered until the unfortunate happens. You will want to work closely with your agent or one of our team members to make sure you have proper coverage.

Can I Insure My Vacation Home With You?

Yes! We can provide coverage for your seasonal/secondary home, as long as you do not rent it out and it is regularly checked in on and not vacant for more than 90 days at a time.

Can I Insure Multiple Properties With Orion180?

Yes! If Orion180 insures your primary residence, we can also insure your secondary or vacation home.

Which States Does Orion180 Insure?

• Alabama
• Georgia (coming Soon)
• Mississippi
• North Carolina
• South Carolina
• Tennessee (coming soon)

Do You Cover Properties Outside Of The U.S.?

Unfortunately, no.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Simply, yes. We are happy to offer several discounts to our customers. Here are just a few:

• Military/First Responder
• Claims Free
• Home Safety and Security Devices
• Gated Community
• Golden Age
• E-Policy
• Loyalty

What Makes Orion180 My Choice For Insurance?

We’d be honored to answer that! We strive to make every experience with Orion180 a simple and easy process. We created a custom platform so that you can take care of all your insurance needs from anywhere and should you have questions, our team of real people are ready to help every step of the way.

I Really Like You Guys, Can I Transfer My Policy To Orion180?

Yes! Even better: We’ll help you through the entire transition.

Do You Offer Other Types Of Insurance As Well?

In order to stay simplified, we focus solely on regular homeowners insurance.

• Homeowners (HO3) Alabama, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina

Agents FAQs

How Do I Get Appointed With Orion180?

Easy! We have 2 available options:

Call Us at 1.866.590.3550 | EXT. 5
Or Send a message

Do You Give Training For New Agents?

Yes! We want to make sure you have all the tools to make your appointment with Orion180 is a successful partnership. Online training sessions are held weekly to ensure our agents understand any updates published.

Do We Have To Send Pictures Of The Homes?

If a home requires an inspection we will let you know when purchasing the policy.

How Do We Know If Underwriting Has Approved The Risk?

Our system underwrites as you go, so if you put in something that renders the home ineligible, the system will tell you so.

What Makes Orion180 Different From Other Carriers?

Lightning fast quoting and binding. Comprehensive coverage. Competitive Pricing. Real customer service. Community focus.

Does Your Policy Include Wind?

Yes, absolutely and with no distance to coast restrictions.

Are You A.M. Best Rated?

Yes, rated A- which is excellent.

Will You Insure My Secondary Homes Without The Primary?

Yes, as long as it is owner occupied with no rental exposure.

Do You Use Credit Scoring?

No, we do not use credit scoring for our non-admitted product, but we will for our admitted product. Please call us to discuss your prior claims.

Do You Require Proof Of Prior Coverage?